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We are a not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of safe manufacturers, importers and distributors in the UK.

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Code of Practice


Literature, websites and other marketing material referring to cash safes tested in accordance with EN1143-1, EN1143-2 and EN14450 should always state clearly who conducted the test and/or who issued to the certificate and the resistance grade achieved.

Members offering for sale new or reconditioned document fire safes or computer data safes should clearly state the name of the authority issuing the certificate and the resistance level achieved.

Members offering safes for sale where the test was conducted by a testing house other than BRE/LPCB or a member of the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG) should state clearly in their correspondence that the customers’ insurer may reduce the claimed or expected level of indemnity.

Member companies offering cash safes tested and certified by organisations other than those listed above are asked to make every effort to replace them with compliant products within 18 to 24 months of being accepted for membership.

Members should not circulate literature, or any other marketing material, either their own or a third party’s, where the text falsely infers or suggests a product has been tested or certified in accordance with a recognised standard, or has achieved a particular resistance grade. Members persistently doing so will have their membership terminated.

Safes falling below the security level of EN1143-1 should, where possible be tested to EN14450. Where safes fall below the level of EN1143-1, but are not tested to EN14450, they should be advertised at the rating suggested in the most up to date AIS guide.

Customers must always be advised to obtain confirmation of insurance indemnity before placing an order.

Members refurbishing used safes should at all times comply with the requirements of BS7582:2005 Code of practice for refurbishing used safes. Where insured cash ratings are quoted for new or reconditioned safes, they should be commensurate with the limits recommended by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS Ltd). Exceptions can be made where the customer is self-insured or insured by a company known to have an in-house list that varies from the AiS list (e.g,. Aviva).

Safe cabinets tested in accordance with EN14450 and certified resistance grade S1 or S2, or certified by Sold Secure as Gold, Silver or Bronze, should be recommended principally for domestic use. Members supplying cash safes that also claim a level of fire protection, must support these claims with a valid fire test certificate to a recognised standard, from an independent laboratory.

Members of Eurosafe UK will have a duty of care to their customers to provide expert and informed advice on product specifications, test certificates and insurance indemnity levels.

Member companies may display the Eurosafe UK logo on corporate stationery but it may only feature on product literature relating to safes tested and rated by those test laboratories conforming to the criteria specified in item 3.

Safe installations, either by a member company or a subcontractor, should always be conducted by fully trained and properly equipped operatives complying with all relevant Health & Safety requirements.

Compliance with the Eurosafe UK Code of Practice will be the principal criteria for acceptance of new members

Code of Practice

About Us

Eurosafe UK was established in February 2011 as the UK associate of its parent organisation, Eurosafe in mainland Europe. Aims and objectives To represent the interests of manufacturers and distributors of safes and security containers. To take such steps as necessary to improve and maintain the standard of safes and security containers* marketed in the […]

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Code of Practice


EUROSAFE UK CONSTITUTION Name The name of the association is Eurosafe UK and is affiliated to the international body, Eurosafe. Membership Membership is open to safe manufacturers and distributors of safes and security containers agreeing to conform to the association’s Code of Practice and will include: Full member companies Associate member companies and organisations Applications […]

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European Standards

Eurosafe UK promotes recognition of current European Standards for testing and rating cash safes document/data fire safes and other security containers and encourages recognition of the European Fire & Security Group (EFSG) and the European Certification Board.Security (ECB.S).  Advising underwriters, brokers and their representative bodies of the importance of recommending safes tested and certified in […]

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Eurosafe uk is an association of UK safemakers, importers and distributors of safes and security containers.

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