For many years the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) has produced a Safe List. This includes makes and models of safes manufactured in the UK and those imported for sale in the UK.  Alongside the maker’s name and model it states the certified resistance grade achieved when tested to EN standards and listing the recommended maximum overnight cash holding.  The list also names hundreds of cash safes no longer manufactured dating back to post World War I and once again suggests recommended cash limits. In the past the list has been free to all members of AiS but recently, in response to many requests, the Safe List was available on license to non insurance organisations as a PDF file.  This was updated annually but amendments and additions could sometimes wait for nearly a year to be updated.  To resolve this, the AiS Safe List has been made available on-line in the MEMBERS area of the association’s re-designed website

As if £20 wasn’t cheap enough AiS has a special offer to any new insurance members.   Anyone joining online via the new website will be provided with membership through to January 2018 at no extra cost.  Safe makers, importers and distributors wishing to obtain a license to access to the new Safe List or have new products to add or amendments to make to existing listed products, will receive their access codes from AiS.  Any non-insurance companies wishing to purchase a license should contact the new Chair of the AiS Safe Committee, Jocelyn Warren (pictured above) at


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