2017 AGM Minutes

Meeting No.  of the Eurosafe UK

Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 10.00am

Canalside, Huddersfield

Attendees and Apologies:

Present   Apologies
Ben Lewis Burton Safes Tony Ryan BDB
Richard Matthews Phoenix Jane Quinn De Raat
Adam Greenway Safe and Vault Paul Ellard Elsafe
Chris Goldfinch A to Z Steve Price Epic Safes
Allan Bullock Insafe
Stephen Turner Associated
Matt Dumsday Insafe
Charles Homes Associated
Phil Hill Thornhill
Robert Evans Keysecure
Jeremy Cassidy Securikey
Michael Joel Securikey
Dan Thompson Phoenix
Alan Lee Phoenix
Mark Hawkins De Raat  
David Rooms A B Rooms
Paul Rumble Dorma Kaba  
Kate Palk Dorma Kaba
Shaun Walker Safe and Vault
Steve Keogh Burton Safes
Jeremy Elson Burton Safes
Nick Hill Burton Safes
Andrew Field Burg Wachter
Craig Winchester SSS Ltd    
Dave Ball Epic Safes    
Paul Dillon BRE Global    
Paul Skitt Eurosafe    
Mark Connolly Burg Wachter    
Louise Fisher Burton Safes
Phil Marsden Insafe
Steve Gibson Gunnebo
Darran Bailey Gunnebo

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1.      Welcome

BL chaired the meeting and welcomed all members and our guests.

Ben Lewis



2.     Apologies for absence

See notes above


Ben Lewis


3.     Review of minutes of last meeting and matters arising

4.     Britsafe (Letter) – Ben Lewis discusses dissatisfaction for wanting to leave Eurosafe, he would like all members to remain involved within Eurosafe with more representation on the committee, a vote for this to be held in next meeting. Could there be a possibility to make working groups within Eurosafe and any problems should be dealt with and resolved through them.

5.     Charles Holmes gives explanation of points that were arising in meeting that was held with Gunnebo Robur and Insafe. These were, history of Eurosafe, discussion on ECBS testing and how they would like input from Eurosafe with regards to testing. A point was raised regarding members of Eurosafe, that a lot of current members don’t understand when it comes to testing’s so should they still be allowed full vote?

6.     Alan Bullock (M.D. Insafe) explains how they are fighting for increase in standards and new tool testing. They are wanting to develop and upgrade quality of products (either up or down) and to widely promote grading of safes.

7.     Richard Matthews agrees manufacturers should have involvement in Eurosafe, and possibly form sub-committee.

8.     Paul Skitt reports how Eurosafe is a collective voice for the UK and is the ideal medium for information. They are actively promoting within the UK and how it would be unfair to walk away and isolate themselves to create Britsafe. Any new products that are voted in would have to be used.

9.     Andrew Field challenges if something has happened that “Britsafe” don’t agree with?

10.  B.L. points out that Eurosafe don’t vote on standards so Britsafe should become involved in more meetings, also every member should be a full member regardless of “working groups” or “sub-committee’s”.

11.  Steve Turner suggests categorising membership.

Ben Lewis


12.  Appointment of New Officers

·       B.L. made that point that anyone can stand for election In June and A.B. suggested possibility of additional or duplicate roles to be added, no major decisions to be made before June.

·       Members also voted for the re-appointment of Richard Matthews as Treasurer, Ben Lewis as Chairman and Chris Goldfinch as Membership Secretary, 6 members abstained from voting (from only 3 manufacturers), everyone else voted in favour.

Ben Lewis


13.  Treasurer Update

14.  Richard Matthews gives update on current movements in the account:

·       In bank: £12,209.00

·       To be paid: £3650.00

·       Members paid in 2017: 14 @£350

·       Members Outstanding: 21 @ £350

15.  Everyone in favour of current membership fee of £350.00


Richard Matthews
16.  Membership Update

·       Eurosafe UK currently has 35 members

·       Irish members has resigned

·       Hamber Safes have resigned

·       Independent Safes have re-joined.


Richard Matthews
17.  Publicity Report

·       Adam Greenaway gives brief explanation from last meeting with regards to the vote on advertising to the Jewellery Associations. They have had to reports of any leads from these adverts.

·       Mark Connolly suggests stepping away from sales and look more towards the standards, Steve Keogh agrees and adds who is market driven presented too, it should be awareness as opposed to sales figures.

·       A.G proceeds to update that they would like to ensure that the branding used for LinkedIn, newsletter, etc. should be the most current and up to date logo. They would like to start issuing certifications plaques and certificates from April 17. With regards to the newsletter it currently has 496 subscribers with only 84 being members of Eurosafe UK. They would also like to have the double sided flyers on fire, security and standards completed by end of 2017.

·       P.S. suggested retrieving a list of contacts from Mike Palmer to be kept on file (possibly discuss in June meeting).

·       B.L. finishes with actions going forward would to be scale back on advertisements and refocus on branding, standards and information that is to be released out.

Adam Greenway
18.  ECBS/EFSG Fallout

·       B.L. gives brief explanation behind fallout between both certification bodies, (testing of Promet safe from French certification body, failed even after third attempt, safes were taken from market so EFSG couldn’t monitor therefore ECBS have withdrawn from EFSG). Ben suggests we should continue to support ECBS even if this is only a short term problem.

·       P.S. reports from meeting that he attended with both ECBS and EFSG on 14th February 17, and read aloud minted taken from this meeting. A meeting will be held on 15th of March is Paris to discuss arising issues, he feels would be beneficial for all members to attend.

Ben Lewis



19.  Tool List

·       B.L. reports that there is new voting for EN1143-1 and EN1300, so far only Germany have rejected this tool list and voting has to be completed by 4th April 17. He understands reservations for not wanting this however standards have to be kept updated. Possibility to reconsider how they present information and sell to consumers.

·       Paul Dillon suggests informing consumers of the year in which the safe is certified to, however B.L thinks this would become too confusing for end user.

·       Everyone present is in favour of new Tool List.

Ben Lewis
20.  Irish Association

·       B.L. proceeds to report from the meeting that was held in Dublin in October 16 regarding licensing from PSA and the view to current Irish members of Eurosafe UK coming together to form their own association. This has now been accepted and all Irish members will be leaving Eurosafe UK. Paul Ellard sent letter of apology as he couldn’t attend the meeting.

Ben Lewis
21.  Insurance Liaison:

·       B.L reported update on AIS list and newsletter the new online system should help to improve with link to the insurance surveyors.

Ben Lewis
22.  Future Meetings

·       B.L. would like a regular speaking in every meeting and is willing to accept recommendations for topics/industries. Suggestion of 4 meetings per year as appose to current frequency which is 3, everyone attending in favour of 4.

·       Date and venue for next meeting is Insafe, Tunbridge Wells with provisional date of Thursday 15th June 17.

·       Generally Assembly is taking place is Slovenia in May for 2 days, booking forms will be distributed once received.

Ben Lewis
23.  A.O.B

·        A decision is to be made whether Eurosafe should recognise SoldSecure even though only tests up to S2 rating, going forward if this is going to be recognised this may need a change in the constitution.

·       P.S. puts forward to Britsafe that they should include all manufacturers within in the UK and be open to communication and negotiations.

·       B.L. thanks everyone for attending the meeting and it was closed at 12:51pm.


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