Robur Builds UK’s Largest Deposit Vault

After nearly 3 years in development, Neelkanth Safe Deposit Ltd opened for business in late October 2014. The brand new “state of the art” safe deposit centre is designed to serve the large Asian community in West London and is one of the largest and most secure installations of its kind in Europe.

Located in Southall, Middlesex, Neelkanth Safe Deposit Centre incorporates the most modern high security techniques.  Robur Safe AB delivered a two-story prefabricated Grade X-EX-CD strongroom capable of housing 20,000 safe deposit lockers. Vault alarms and CCTV are monitored 24hours a day for both intruders and fire. Independently tested, Robur BF4 Safe Deposit Lockers are installed and equipped with the market’s most modern database system including BioPin and RFID Card readers for maximum security.

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