January 15th, 2018

A jewellers in Birmingham suffered a break-in recently where thieves cut through an external wall into the back of a Robur Grade II safe.  It is not clear over what time period this took place as there is no CCTV footage of the rear of the premises and the internal CCTV shows very little since the thieves did not actually enter the premises.  It is thought that the thieves arrived at circa 8 pm on Saturday evening and the break in was not discovered until the following Monday morning.

Thieves cut through the fencing to the back of the building which gave them access to the rear of the premises where they removed external brickwork and breeze-blocks to create a hole large enough for a man or woman to climb through.  The first entry hole took them in to the secure room however they did not enter any further than a few inches and did not activate the intruder alarm.  After removing what they could from the shelving of the secure room the thieves left that part of the premises and targeted the wall further down, directly behind the safe.  It is thought that from the first hole they measured the distance to the safe so that they could target it accurately.

Further down the wall the thieves again removed the external brickwork and secondary breeze-block giving them access to the rear of the Grade II safe which they attacked using an angle grinder.

They attacked the safe at a very low level and would likely to have been lying on the ground in order to hit the safe at the right height.  There was a metal pipe running diagonally internally that the thieves carefully managed to avoid puncturing.

Once they had gained access to the safe the thieves removed all items from the lower shelf/base and used a broken broom handle to dislodge the shelves above allowing jewellery to slide down into the base of the safe.  They continued to attack the higher shelves in the same way, clearing the entire contents of the safe from the hole at the bottom.  They are reported to have stolen approximately £300,000 in jewellery.  If the shelves were securely fixed in place the loss would have been much less.

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